Saviors of the Dreaming World, Happy 413

I’ll get to the Alpha kids later. Maybe completely redo the background because Photoshop effects abuse.

Royal Zillywairinger and Spines of Echillywich? (Achille’s Witch? idek) Looking forward to legendary weapon alchemizing.

Dave’s pose and general composition stolen from that awesome Adventure Time  piece by Brian Luong. Started out as a perspective study with Dave and became a full blown, painted 413 fanart. 



Rachel: i want nepeta to wake up and get out of her recuperacoon and step on equius who has prematurely set himself out as a bathmat because he feels like trash this morning

nepeta needs the moirail to perk up real soon because small lowbloods are not going to scare themselves and she is on a tight schedule. she is pulling all the stops, its time for desperate measures. she’s getting out the butterfly kisses.

and we’re back again with the bloodswap